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Unpaid rent and access issues

Ronnie, who is based outside the UK first rented out his property in December 2019.  He didn’t give the tenant a tenancy agreement or rent book and he didn’t take a deposit. The tenant paid the first month’s rent in cash and hasn’t paid any rent since.  Ronnie got in touch with Landlord Advice to see what his options were.

Through the course of giving Ronnie advice it became clear that his property was in need of quite a lot of repairs and the tenant had contacted Environmental Health about these. They had inspected the property and determined that there was no electric in the kitchen, the heating didn’t work and there was a leak coming from the roof.  They had got in touch with Ronnie and given him 4 weeks to sort out the repairs before they revoked his certificate of fitness.

We advised Ronnie to action the repairs to avoid a possible fine from Environmental Health and also outlined best practice and the legal requirements for landlords when initiating a tenancy. 

Organising all this from a distance presented difficulties for Ronnie and when he sent contractors to sort the repairs the tenant often refused to let them in. Unfortunately when they did get in they found the property to be in a really poor state with dog faeces everywhere.

Our adviser recommended that Ronnie try the new Housing Mediation Service but unfortunately the tenant refused to respond to the request. Ronnie is going to continue with the repairs and try to come to a solution about the rent but feels he might have no choice but to end the tenancy. We took him through how to do this and urged him to get back in touch for further advice if he needed to.


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