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Tenancy left early

Julie got in touch with Landlord Advice when her tenant left just halfway through their tenancy. The tenant had texted Julie to say that he had left and the keys were in the property.

When Julie visited there was a lot of damage that the small deposit she had taken was not going to cover.  The situation was made more difficult as there was no forwarding address for the tenant.

We advised Julie that her tenant was liable for any damage to premises that had been caused either wilfully or by neglect.  We also explained that her tenant could also be seen as liable for financial cost of re-letting and the rent for the duration of the tenancy term. However Julie would be expected to try and mitigate his loss as much as possible.

Outlining her options for getting her money back we explained that if the tenant was unwilling to negotiate, then the matter could be pursued through small claims court, for any financial damage that was more than the deposit but less than £3,000.

We let Julie know the application process and fees for this. If after the small claims process Julie’s tenant was still unwilling to pay she would need to enforce the money order through Enforcements of Judgements Office.

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