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Registering as a joint landlord


Farrah contacted us as she and her sister inherited a house and were considering renting it out.

Farrah was unsure if she needed to register as a landlord as the property is jointly owned and will be managed by an estate agent.

How Landlord Advice helped

Our adviser talked Farrah through the process of registration when there is more than one owner.

By law, any landlord renting a property in Northern Ireland must register with the Landlord Registration Scheme. If there is more than one owner, all owners named on property deeds must register. Farrah can register online or by phone and although there is more than one landlord, there is only one fee payable. A lead landlord must be chosen as a point of contact.

When registering, Farrah can indicate the estate agent who will be managing the property on her behalf. Our adviser reminded Farrah that registration lasts for three years and she and he sister must remember to renew their registration. Failure to register as a landlord or renew the registration can lead to a fine from the local council.

Our adviser highlighted to Farrah that registered landlords can avail of the free Landlord Advice line and Housing Mediation Service for help and advice and to try and resolves any issues with a tenancy.

What landlords say about the service

"The employee who I was in contact with was extremely helpful, courteous and knowledgeable with regards my query."

If you are a registered Landlord in Northern Ireland and need advice, contact us on 028 902 45640, or send an email.