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Dealing with the death of a tenant

Dealing with the death of a tenant

Landlord Advice line received a call from a landlord seeking advice after his tenant had passed away.



Glen, a landlord in Northern Ireland got in touch with Landlord Advice line by email to ask for some advice after being made aware that the long-term tenant who had been living alone in his property had died.

Glen was unsure how to proceed as the tenant had been in receipt of Housing Benefit to help cover the rent.  He hoped to re-let the property whilst also dealing sensitively with the deceased tenant’s family. 


How Landlords Advice line helped

Our adviser explained that the tenancy does not end automatically after the death of a tenant and a landlord must liaise with the Executor of the tenant’s estate. Glen was advised that, in order to re-let the property, the tenancy would first need to be formally terminated. This can be done by speaking with the Executor and agreeing who, either Executor or landlord, will serve a Notice to Quit to end the tenancy. Our adviser explained that Housing Benefit stops on the date of the claimant’s death and that the Executor would be liable for any additional rent until the tenancy was surrendered. Glen spoke to the tenant’s Executor, who was keen to serve Notice to Quit in order to avoid further rent liability.

Once the tenant’s belongings had been removed and keys returned, Glen was able to carry out a final inspection and saw the property was in good order. The tenant’s Executor was then able to approach the deposit protection scheme to have the deposit returned to the tenant’s estate.


What landlord advice users are saying

Received a very quick response to my Landlord query and was supported with further answers upon request.


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