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No right to succession, tenancy ends and new tenancy begins

Jake got in touch with Landlord advice when his tenant indicated he wanted to leave the property to take up an offer of work in another country. The tenant had asked Jake if his brother could move in and take over paying the rent. 

How Landlord Advice helped

Our adviser explained that a tenancy must be ended formally to end to the legal relationship between landlord and tenant. This can be done by the tenant serving a written Notice to Quit to the landlord. A tenant who has lived in the property more than a year but less than 10 years, must serve the landlord 4 weeks’ written Notice to Quit.

Our adviser outlined there is no right for another individual to succeed this property, and recommended Jake carry out the same due diligence to assess any tenant seeking to rent his property. Jake used the 4 weeks’ Notice period given by his tenant to carry out necessary checks and ensure he was happy to let the property to the tenants brother.  Jake agreed that he as landlord would attend to some small repairs and carry out the final inspection in the final days of the existing tenancy to enable the tenant’s brother to move in the same day the tenant moved out. Jake’s tenant moved out, ending the legal relationship between landlord and tenant, and the new tenant moved in, starting a new legal relationship.


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