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New notice periods for private landlords


Martin, an estate agent, contacted Landlord Advice about serving notice to quit to a periodic tenant.

He knew that notice periods had changed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Recently, he heard that there had been further changes to notice periods and phoned for some advice.

How Landlord Advice helped

Our adviser explained to Martin that, up until 4 May 2022, all tenants were entitled to receive a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice to quit. This was due to a change in the law in light of COVID-19. From 5 May 2022, landlords must serve notice in line with the length of the tenancy.

We advised Martin that, under the Private Tenancies (NI) Act 2022, a landlord who wants to end a tenancy needs to give: 

  • 4 weeks’ notice for tenancies lasting less than a year 
  • 8 weeks’ notice for tenancies lasting between 1 and 10 years 
  • 12 weeks’ notice for tenancies lasting more than 10 years 

As his tenant was on a periodic contract and had lived in the property for over a year, we advised Martin that he would need to serve a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice to quit.

Further information

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