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Moving house during COVID-19 restrictions


Alex contacted our Landlord Advice line (in January 2021) to find out about restrictions on moving house. He had a tenant who gave notice and was due to move out within two weeks.

However, due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, Alex was not sure if the move could go ahead. He was keen to get the property re-let as soon as possible and worried that his tenant might ask to stay on longer in the property.


How Landlord Advice helped

Our adviser explained that current COVID restrictions allow house moves to go ahead.

However, if a tenant has COVID-19 symptoms or needs to self-isolate, he should delay the move should until the isolation period ends. Landlords should be flexible in these circumstances and arrange for the move to take place when it is safe. Our adviser also signposted Alex to guidance issued by the Department for Communities on house moves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since Alex was eager to get a new tenant into the property, he asked our adviser how he could go about safely arranging viewings. Our adviser explained that landlords should prioritise virtual viewings and limit in-person viewings. We advised that viewings should only go ahead when a current tenant has given notice that they are able to move.

Both landlords and tenants should follow safety precautions, using face masks and hand sanitiser and following social distancing.

We advised Alex to talk to his tenant about arranging viewings at a suitable time, ensuring he gives at least 24 hours’ notice. Our adviser told Alex that, if his tenant didn’t agree to viewings, Alex would have to wait until the tenant moved out. He should not put any pressure on his tenant to facilitate viewings as this could be seen as harassment.

Alex spoke to his tenant and reassured her that necessary COVID precautions would be in place for viewings. He arranges a limited number of viewings and was able to re-let the property quickly. He did a full inspection and thoroughly cleaned the property before new tenants moving in.


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