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Addressing damp and mould


Deepak contacted Landlord Advice after getting a complaint from a tenant about mould and damp in his property.

Although the property is old, it has a Certificate of Fitness and he had recently carried out major damp-proofing work.

He had refurbished the property throughout and wasn’t sure what could be causing the problem.


How Landlord Advice helped

Our adviser explained that most mould in properties in Northern Ireland is caused by condensation. Condensation can happen if the house isn’t kept warm enough or ventilated properly and this is a responsibility for both landlords and tenants to address. Our adviser recommended that Deepak arrange an inspection of the property to see the affected areas and try to establish the cause of the damp.

Upon carrying out the inspection Deepak noted patches of mould in the living room and bedroom. He discovered that ventilation bricks in both rooms had been blocked and agreed to have these replaced to allow better ventilation. He talked to the tenant about heating the property and learned that the tenant was having difficulty heating the property sufficiently as the system was old and expensive to run.

After a further phone call, our adviser told Deepak about a number of energy efficiency grants for which, due to the tenant being on a low income, he would be eligible to apply. Such grants can help towards the cost of insulation and replacement of boilers and defective windows. Deepak agreed with the tenant that he would apply for a grant to insulate the property and replace the boiler and the tenant promised to ventilate the property on a daily basis in order to prevent a build-up of condensation and mould. Our adviser encouraged Deepak to conduct property inspections at regular intervals to monitor the issue.


What landlords say about the service

"The adviser was extremely knowledgeable, wonderfully helpful and perfectly easy to talk to, ask questions from and converse with. I am very satisfied with today’s service and follow up emails."

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